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Upcoming event: the big book "The Avengers: The Honor Blackman Years" autographed by the actress and with many rare photographs.

Printing: 300 copies.
Scheduled release: November 2020
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19 October 2020

Today the co-founder and sound engineer of the Russian fan
group Steedumbrella, Sergei Pronin, celebrates 40th birthday.
14 October 2020

The British company Unstoppable Cards has once again postponed the date of its first pre-orders for the "The Avengers: The Honor Blackman Years" book, autographed by the actress. The event is now scheduled for Sunday, November 1, starting at 18:00.
Herbert Kretzmer, journalist and English-language songwriter, who wrote the lyrics for the song Togetherness for the episode "The Murder Market" (1965) of the TV series The Avengers, as well as the lyrics for the songs Kinky Boots and Let's Keep It Friendly by the duo Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman, died today, at the age of 95.
2 October 2020

The British company Unstoppable Cards announced yesterday that the first pre-orders for the "The Avengers: The Honor Blackman Years" book signed by the actress have been postponed until Sunday, October 18th, at 18:00 pm.
Frank Windsor, who played Tobin in the episode "Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke
XR40?" (1968) of "The Avengers", died the day before yesterday, at the age of 92.
22 September 2020

The British company Unstoppable Cards recently announced on its website that it will soon release a very limited edition of "The Avengers: The Honor Blackman Years" book signed by the actress in the autumn. The circulation of the book is only 300 copies. The first pre-orders will start on Sunday, October 4th, at 18:00.
The company shared additional information on its Facebook page.
1. This is a very big and weighty book, coming in at approx 2 kilos.
2. An incredible number of images, many of which have not been previously seen - direct from the StudioCanal historic Avengers archive.
3. Work on this book was started back in 2018 - the "price bar" will be low level.
10 September 2020

I am regret to inform you that British actress Diana Rigg, Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire, died today at the age of 83.
Her daughter Rachael Stirling said the following:
“My Beloved Ma died peacefully in her sleep early this morning, at home, surrounded by family. She died of cancer diagnosed in March, and spent her last months joyfully reflecting on her extraordinary life, full of love, laughter and a deep pride in her profession. I will miss her beyond words”.
Igor Soloviev, the longtime fan of the Avengers series and the actress, wrote the following:
“Sad news! Actress Diana Rigg died at the age of 82. She was the first action heroine I saw in my life - Mrs. Emma Peel in the cult British TV series The Avengers (1961-1969). At one time, her image from this series greatly influenced my attitude towards women in general. The actress has starred in various films and TV series - she is known to the younger generation for her role as Olenna Tyrell from the TV series "Game of Thrones". In 1969, she played no less than James Bond's wife, Tracy Bond (nee di Vincenzo) in the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. It is worth noting that she may also be known to Soviet audiences for the film "The Great Muppet Caper", where she played Lady Holiday. Few people (in Russia) know that Diana Rigg was a serious stage actress and has many awards - not only in the field of films and TV, but also stage. Bright memory".
9 September 2020

Today on the Russian-language BitTorrent tracker "" appeared the first episode (№2) of the TV series "All Creatures Great and Small" (2020) with the participation Diana Rigg. Translation: Multi voice-over (non-professional). The Page
19 August 2020

Now the names of Russian-language pages on the tabs are presented in Russian.
9 August 2020

Today the leader of the Russian fan group Steedumbrella and the webmaster
of the website of the same name, Denis Kirsanov, celebrates 40th birthday.
28 July 2020

Uploaded the edited website menu, which now looks more simplified. Work has begun on the creation of an English version of Steedumbrella: the "Home" and "Menu" pages have been published. The transition to different versions of the website will be carried out only on the "Home" and "News" pages.
27 July 2020

Starting today, step-by-step work has begun to restore the Steedumbrella, which was removed on 21 October 2019 from the previous hosting due to a "delay in payment". Last autumn, I had serious financial difficulties (I helped one person) and thought that the small delay in payment would not damage the website, but I was mistaken - the site was removed without any warning. Although I returned to my financial stability shortly thereafter, I postponed the "resuscitation" of the website, as since 15 September last year I had an agreement with Alan Hayes (the webmaster of several Avengers sites) to cooperate on his "Who's Who?" section for a resource dedicated to the Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) series. I finished work on 5th July.
Even before the end of cooperation with Alan, I began to prepare for the move to an another hosting, since the former now offered more expensive prices for its tariffs. After studying a current state of affairs with hostings, I chose This hosting still offers one of the affordable plans with a package that includes unlimited disk space, unlimited number of uploaded files, and DoS protection. The next day, 29 June, my order was processed and I got access to a C-panel.
For some reason, I rescheduled the reanimation work of the website to a later date, but since 18 July, I have uploaded an updated cover for the site, and last week I edited the "Avengerweb" page, which was also uploaded.
Notable recent updates in the work on the website:
1) The panel with information, located at the bottom of most pages, now contains the point "Contacts:". So, the "Contacts" page will not be published.
2) The panel with buttons, located at the bottom of most pages, now instead of the "Contacts" button contains a "On screens" button (Film screenings and TV premieres of the series).
3) The "Umbrella and Bowler Hat" logo has been changed.
4) The addresses of some pages have changed.
From the notable news of 2020 related to The Avengers:
On 5 April, actress Honor Blackman, known to Avengers fans as Cathy Gale (Steed's partner), passed away at her home in Lewis, East Sussex. She was 94 years old.

Honor was an adored mother and grandmother, as well as an actress of an extremely fruitful creative talent with an extraordinary combination of beauty, intelligence and physical prowess. She possessed a unique voice, work ethic, and has achieved unprecedented cult status in the world of film and television.
Sergey Pronin and Aleksei Sidorov (the Steedumbrella group co-founders), as well as Irina Pavlova, carried out the Russian-language voice soundtrack for the episode "The Living Dead" (John Steed and Emma Peel). Trial version.
Plot: John Steed and Emma Peel, together with the organizations "FOG" and "SMOG" investigate the case of the strange phenomenon of the ghost of Duke in his family graveyard. The trail leads to the underground city.
Company Unstoppable Cards issued the "The Complete Avengers: Official Trading Card Set - Series 2". The price categories of boxes vary depending on the choice of the set. Delivery of orders was shipped from 11 May.

On 23rd June, the audiobook The Avengers: The Comic Strip
Adaptations Volume 4 (Steed & Mrs Peel) was released. Details
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