Kinky Boots
Music video
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After the release of the single "Kinky Boots" in 1964, the song was considered unsuccessful for a long time, and in 1977 it even placed at No.22 in the "Bottom 30" of the Kenny Everett's London radio show "The World's Worst Record Show". The situation changed dramatically with the re-release of the singles by Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman in November 1990. Thanks to BBC Radio One DJ Simon Mayo, the song "Kinky Boots" became a hit and reached the top ten of the British Singles Chart in December of that year (in its first week on the chart - the end of November - the song took 14th position, in the first week of December it rose to 5th place, the next week dropped to 8th place and subsequently continued to fall, dropping out of the chart after 12 January 1991).
Shortly before the song entered the top ten of the British chart, the music video of the same name was shown for the first time on television in the UK.
"Kinky Boots" music video on "Top of the Pops" TV show (29 November 1990).

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